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I thought, "what if Michael Brough and Jeff Minter de-made Nuclear Throne?" and POTION LORD was born.

Fight through a procedurally generated dungeon to reach the SIGMA POTION and save the world. Your journey will be difficult, but YOU CAN SUCCEED! All it will take is total mastery of the alchemical arts.

POTION LORD features

  • Four potion-based weapons with distinct behaviors. Potions combo together for powerful effects. Experiment!
  • Devious, hand-crafted encounter rooms.
  • A gorgeous sprite sheet from Sebastiaan van Hijfte, who created the graphics for Legend of Dungeon.
  • Extremely challenging gameplay.


WASD to move.

Mouse to aim, Left Mouse to throw potions.

1-2-3-4 to select potions. Each potion is thrown differently.

Right Mouse to roll. You are invincible while rolling, and rolling into an enemy damages it. Roll often.

Additional information

This game was made for TOJAM 2016.

It is my first game.

This build does not have sound or an ending. See how long you can survive!


potionlord_osx_09.app.zip 13 MB

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